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Belcore & Company is a boutique project management company specializing in a distinguished level of service tailored to each client's personal, family, or company needs. Whether you need assistance setting up a brand new office, moving and managing your home, or planning a special event or trip, we are here to help you become more efficient and prosperous in all areas of your life. We can be on location with you or we can work from behind the scenes to get the job done. We are passionate about creating strong and trusting relationships with our clients and clearing the path to help you achieve your goals.

Please call us anytime for a free consultation regarding future projects, ideas, or needs you may have.

How do I summarize someone I care about and who has done so much for me over the last 11 years? The honest answer is, "I can't."  What I can say is that Angela would not have become such an integral part of my life and made it 11 years if she wasn't so great... read more STEVE HARRIS, Actor

If you are looking for: Clear, concise and accurate information and analysis, problem identification and efficient resolution, mature interpersonal skills contributing to the ability to integrate personnel and concepts effectively, project management including thorough research, clear outlines of objectives and follow-through to successful completion... read more SHERRY DARLING, President, The Management Co.

If you are lucky enough to have Angela Cerniglio manage one of your projects, I can guarantee that you will be the next person to write a glowing testimonial about her work ethic. Angela is the most disciplined, hard working, and authentic person I have ever had the privilege of working with... read more CAMRYN MANHEIM, Actor, Producer, Activist, Mom, Rebel